Don’t we try to derive ways to find happiness in little things we do? Yes, indeed as the following instances do ensure a smile on our happiness after

  • Exercising our franchise
  • Passing the exam with flying colors
  • Helping needy


  • Paying taxes

Yes, all of these signal an obvious positivity in our mind, body and soul and feel. We feel good about ourselves of being a responsible and dutiful person whether it comes to accomplishing duties as a “family member” or a “country member”.

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Unlike the media reports which show that people are averse to paying taxes, but the reality is that they mostly find the system to be too consuming where free tax calculator does come to their help. Yes, paying taxes for Americans gives them

  • Sense of pride
  • They feel a part of a responsible society where their individual contribution helps in the growth of their country

A big percentage of Americans don’t know tax process clearly

The seemingly endless paperwork and its associated formalities deter Americans to involve themselves with all their heart and soul through preparing the paper for tax application. Even though they want to contribute as a tax paper, yet the formalities and its associated complications create a sense of anxiety. Quite surprisingly where 57 percent of Americans have no clear cut vision of the process they have to go through, while paying taxes. They don’t even want to subject themselves in such a situation, as they only start to consider thinking about taxes when Tax Day rolls during each April.

Hence, there is a growing need for easing the formalities so that it becomes easy for them to know the certain taxes which they are supposed to pay and what can be achieved through Tax calculator 2020

Financial literacy classes to empower students

Lack of awareness about tax-related formalities has necessitated an increasing number of states to create financial literacy classes for high school graduation. After all, education is a way to empower people and considering the necessity of such classes, it will help Americans to be more financially strong and resourceful of taking decisions that are best for them.

Happiness and Americans go hand in hand. But are we doing enough?

There is an obsession for Americans about happiness and the number of times, we actually “Google” to find happiness can be related to the whopping number which stands at 124 thousand times.paying taxes online

As per the “World Happiness Report” of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, there were following considerations taken into account with different countries such as

  • Social support,
  • GDP per capita
  • Health life expectancy
  • How people perceive corruption
  • How generous we are
  • Freedom of choice

Well, surprisingly, even though we may feel that we are greedy for happiness and that we do everything in pursuit of the same, yet U.S rank on number 18th.

Final thoughts

We need to start right away as per our capacity as becoming responsible citizens who sensitize themselves towards the formalities associated with the taxes were getting an idea about the tax refund through Tax return calculator helps. Yes, it actually creates a favorable situation for themselves and the country.